Unique Wedding Add-Ons for 2018

If you are planning your wedding, it may seem like an impossible feat to add something unique to your event. It may look like everything has already been tried in many other events, so you are at a loss as to how you are going to make your event memorable. Every single add-on that you have been thinking may have already been tried before, so you don’t know what else to include in your wedding.Seating plan on an outdoor wedding

But in reality, there are so many other things that you can try to make your event uniquely its own. The key here is to know exactly what you want to add to your event. Like say, a wedding live band from Around Town Entertainment in NYC. Also, you need to know the theme of your wedding. You must stick to your theme because if you don’t, you get a hodgepodge of options that may not work well together. What you have been planning for your event may not give out what you are expecting out of it. The result may surprise you because it is far from what you have always wanted to see on your wedding day.

What add-ons released in 2018 can you add to this important day in your life? There are so many unique ideas that you can include, and here are some of them:

1. A friend or family tree seating chart

Having a list of guests and grouping them can sound boring, and for sure, you want something different. If you want people to appreciate better your planning skills and the thought you’ve put into the event, you can start plotting a tree seating chart for your family and friends. By doing this, you can allow your guests to know how you are related to everyone invited, and how your family and friends’ circles work. It is an exciting tree chart to look at, and it proves to be delightful to everyone who is viewing it.

2. Table cards that double as souvenirs

Just like any couple would want to have it, you want to save up as much as you can. One of the best ways by which you can save is to be practical with your add-ons. A good way to do this is to double your table nameplates as souvenirs. For example, you can put the nameplates on fancy plates so guests can take them home as souvenirs. If you have a small crowd, you can handwrite every name card on a fancy letterhead set which your guests will surely appreciate. The possibilities are endless with how you can design table cards and do not be afraid to be creative as you decide on this one.

3. Fancy guest transportation

There is nothing better than ushering your guests into the venue with a pre-arranged fancy transportation service. It does not have to be expensive because as long as the service is personalized, guests will appreciate it, for sure. You can design the transportation service depending on your wedding theme. You can choose a bus, van, or even a pickup if it fits the theme of your event. The important thing here is for your guests to feel that you have thought of them with your planning, and your guests will enjoy the whole experience. You don’t have to pick up all your guests from their homes. You can have this service upon arrival at the reception entrance, or at the parking area where your guests will leave their cars. Do not forget to design the transportation so it will suit you and your partner’s likes and personalities.

4. Welcome cocktail drinks

Guests won’t expect anything grand before the ceremony. Most will just expect to arrive at the ceremony venue and wait for the couple to arrive. Cocktails are usually served before the reception. The usual after-reception offers are small snacks like nuts, chips, cheeses, olives, dried fruits, and canapes. It is not unusual for a couple to want to offer cocktail drinks during this time.

Unique cocktail drinks on a weddingSo, why not make it different by offering cocktail drinks before the ceremony? For sure, many couples have already thought about doing this. However, it may be because the couple gets too afraid that the guests may be too drunk to get through the reception party. If you have been considering this, you don’t have anything to fear, though, because the key is to manage the cocktail drink offerings very well. Do not offer drinks with too much alcohol for it may get people too drunk early in the party. If you offer too little alcohol, people may not take the party seriously, thinking that it is a children’s party.

Pre-ceremony cocktail drinks offer a pleasant surprise to your guests because it is something that many couples would want to try in their event.

You don’t have to spend too much to make your wedding unique. You just have to stick with what your personality is as individuals and as a couple. Make sure you don’t try so hard to the point that your guests will fail to understand what you are trying to portray on your event.

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