My Mother

My mother was killed 31 years ago, on march 27. We lived in terror for months leading up to her murder. If any are under threat, please take it very seriously and be very careful. Swallow your pride and accept any help available. If you have children, remember, we may live a long time without you. It still hurts every day.

~~ David, 44, USA

My Survival

Story/Article = I was married for over 20 years to my soul-mate, I thought. Well soul-mates don’t get drunk and slap you around, don’t take drugs, don’t verbally abuse you and your children. I stayed with him because I thought I loved him. One day, I snapped to attention and said “I don’t want to be in this relationship any longer.” I never went home again. My 17-yr.old son came with me and we made a new home. Of course, this was after getting a restraining order and moving to a security apartment building. He still found me and thank goodness I was away for a few days. I was afraid to go back to the apartment. My son only wanted to call the police and have him arrested. My son has a love/hate relationship with his father. My son is going to therapy and so am I. Without my dear friends and family I would not have been able to make this break. I now have a new life (still going through a terrible divorce – he made lies up about me). I am learning to respect myself again – I have even gone back to college at 63 yrs. old. I’m working on my AA degree, then on to a University. May all of you find peace of mind and some happiness.