Moving Forward with Equality – Support System is the Key

Women need to have the desire to become equal with men to make equality for women a reality. For a woman to be considered as worthy in the workplace, and life, in general, requires a lot of work. There are training and re-training that women have to be aware of to get to a place in life.

Standards impose some harsh rules on women who are political leaders, professionals, celebrities, and any other categories that offer significant opportunities for females. Many women have learned to get ahead. They must adjust their emotions, natural instincts and attitudes to contradict the stereotypical traits imposed on them. Women end up trading off pieces of their real persona to follow their passion, giving up a chunk of themselves to reach their goals. Men are not subjected to the same restrictions.

Women have to exert more effort in careers than their male counterpartsAs much as we would like to think that a woman, as much as a man, is justly rewarded for her efforts and accomplishments, that isn’t so. The advantages are still afforded to the men. Support for women is not the same as it is for men. There are far more employees who would rather work for a male than a female boss. Ultimately for a woman to succeed, she must work harder than her male counterparts.

A critical step for women to take to achieve equality is within themselves. Women don’t have that “good ole’ boy” network in place. Men have buddy systems that strengthen their position. It’s that team spirit that keeps men tight and readily available to support, connect, and secure their roles. The male bonding system tends to ignore the females in similar situations.

Women are not given the same shot for networking, unable to penetrate, or enter that male circle. Take time to notice how women react to one another. You’ll readily see that men and women alike will harshly criticize females for how they look. Men are not subjected to the same personal criticism that can deflate egos and sabotage careers.

Stark imbalance in pay and opportunitiesUltimately, the biggest step toward equality for women has to be unity amongst women. When women can develop solid bonding skills and build a sincere support system among themselves, then balance may be achieved. Until then, women will continue to make less money for doing the same job as a man. Thought processes have to change drastically for women to overcome their competitive nature with other women, and to quit striving so hard to win the approval of men.

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