About Us

WomensAccounts.com seeks to protect children, women, and men survivors of domestic violence by enforcing the following within family court domestic violence custody cases, before they become “battles”:

Battles which cause:
1. the depletion of resources for the family, especially the children
2. recurring emotional turmoil and mental health problems; depression, pstd…
3. physical turmoil; ulcers, broken bones, death…

Leading to the victims (both parent and child) continued lack of independence and further lowering of self-esteem. Thus further dependence on the system and increased expenditures of citizens tax dollars. The child’s continued revictimization, and loss of emotional contact with parent and the child’s witnessing of this social injustice may lead to a further circle of abuses to both oneself and others. Again with further cost to their family, courts time, and citizens tax dollars.