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8 Amazing Ways to Improve Your Palate

Have you ever found yourself in the company of a beer sommelier or a wine master and wondered how they are easily able to identify different drinks from the taste or smell? Well, it is with practice and a lot of patience. If you would like to improve your taste with different dishes, there are a few things you can do to aid in your journey. Granted, there are people who have a better palate than others, but there is always room for improvement — getting better each time.

  1. Start with the basic tastes

There are five basic tastes, i.e., salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami. These tastes differ greatly from each other, and you should be in a position to identify each when presented with food. When served with a plate of food, often times you’ll find either two or three of these tastes have been used in the same meal. Having the ability to identify each one is the best place to start. This will go a long way toward improving your palate and enhancing your discerning skills.

  1. Experiment with new foods

Food tasting tourBeing adventurous does not only apply to travel, but it also comes in with the food you eat. Allow yourself to try out different meals every day when you go out, order for something, you have never had. Remember you do not have to enjoy the meal you are only expanding the range of tastes you are exposed to.

When traveling to a different country with different cultures make sure to taste all the food you are offered. You might just end up liking a lot of the food and taking home the recipe to cook for you and your family.

When you are at h,ome you could pull out a recipe book and cook something new or opt for delicious meals cooked by a chef. Either way, you have to keep on trying different foods to better train your taste buds.

  1. Spice things up

Adding spices to your meals makes a very huge difference. It takes your meal from a zero to a hundred real quick. Using different spices in your meals means added flavor which will improve your taste. However, you should not stick to only one type of spice, make a point to use different spices each time you cook to help you identify the different flavors produced in each meal.

  1. Be present at the moment

It is without a doubt that if you observe people as they eat, most of them are either on their phones scrolling through social media or busy having conversations with their loved ones. This distracts you from enjoying all the flavors in the food and actually identifying what has been used. To avoid missing out on all these flavors you have to be present at the moment. Take a bite and savor the moment, identify all the tastes and spices used in the meal.

As you continue eating, be sure to slow down to make sure you get to identify all the tastes. Also, drink some water to ensure you go slow on the food.

  1. Go slow and cleanse your palate

As you go through your meal, from course to course, it is good to slow down and ensure you are enjoying the meal and identifying every taste. Eating different meals in one seating without any cleansing will interfere with your taste. You will take hints of your previous meals on to the next meal. Try sucking on a lemon, orange or drinking water and enjoy the next meal while identifying everything you taste.

  1. Having a positive connection with food

You may have tried eating something and completely hated it and didn’t quite get the taste. Having the same meal over a happier encounter or with someone you love may completely change your perspective of the meal. You may find that the meal has got a certain taste that you didn’t identify the first time you had it.

  1. Cut down on your sugar intake

Sugar is a weakness for a lot of people. Despite knowing that it has adverse effects on your health and can wreak havoc on your diet most people tend to cling to it. Cutting down on sugar is the best thing you can do for your taste buds. Always remember that sugar can be found in different foods so be sure to read ingredient lists carefully.

  1. Quit smoking and using drugs

Smoking may have adverse effects on your taste buds and may affect how you identify flavors in your food. A lot of people notice a change in the taste of food after a week or two of quitting cigarettes. This will go a long way to ensure you get to your goals of improving  your palate

You should also note that some over the counter drugs may interfere with your taste. So either switch to a different option or be patient and once you are done with the drugs, you can go ahead with your journey.

Savoring each biteThese are the different ways you can improve your palate. Always remember that there is a difference between simply enjoying your meals and having the pleasure of tasting everything that has been used in that meal.

To fully enjoy your experience, you have to give yourself the chance to try out new things. If you don’t try, then you’ll never know. Have the courage to ask for the meals that you consider disgusting and take your time. Make sure you eat each bite identifying every ingredient that has been used. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow and get your desired results. However, you have to keep doing this to ensure you keep getting better. Practice is the key to mastering your palate.

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